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About Us / Mission


Asia Pacific Language School (APLS) is an independent non-profit organization that was established in April, 1995, by a group of Asian-American professionals to serve the Asian as well as the main stream communities on the Eastside and in the Greater Seattle Area.


Organization Mission

Our goal is to create a consistent learning environment in which people of all ages can safely explore and learn a second language. We provide children with opportunities to experience different cultures and to stimulate curiosity and imagination through language learning.

It is also our goal to provide multi-cultural/language programs for children so that they will come to understand better and appreciate their families’ culture as well as other cultures and be prepared to work in a diversified environment when they become young adults.

We live in an era in which technology is transforming the world into a global community. Recently, having multi-lingual employees has become more and more important to companies so they can more easily open new markets in other countries. As talented, multi-lingual foreigners are hired by U.S. companies for high-tech projects, it is important for their American colleagues to understand and be sensitive to cultural differences. This cultural awareness allows for diverse working conditions that directly benefit the nation’s economy. Thus, the preparation of students to function both in English and in another language and culture is of social and economic benefit to the individual as well as to the nation as a whole. It is particularly important that such education begin at a young age, because young children have a unique advantage when it comes to learning languages and being open to cultural appreciation.



  • The Board of Directors serves as the policy-making body. Currently, there are 5 members on the board: one President, one Vice-President, one Treasurer, and two directors.
  • Our management team is the operating body that handles daily activities, including recruiting students and teachers, marketing the school’s programs, communicating with parents, public relations, and more. Currently, there are two members on this team: a director, office manager and a certified public accountant.
  • Our teachers work with the children and adults and give lessons in language and culture to these students.
  • The PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) is the liaison between APLS and the parents.
  • Many parents are actively involved in volunteering their time to support the school.