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Programs / Dual Language Kindergarten


Accredited by WA Board of Education

  • Native Mandarin Chinese teachers with graduate degrees in education from US universities
  • State-certified teachers
  • Common Core curriculum
  • Low student to teach ratio
  • Immersion with at least 70 percent and up target language in classroom
  • Assistant language help available for non-native speakers

  • Age: 5 to 6 years old
  • Time:
    • Chinese / Japanese Kindergarten

           Half-day    : 9am to 12pm or 1pm to 4pm
    • Chinese/English & Japanese/English Dual language program

           Whole-day : 9am to 3pm
  • Location: APLS Learning Center (14434 NE 8th Street Bellevue)


Half-day :   9am to 12pm or 1pm to 4pm

Half Day 9-12amHalf Day 1-4pm
Greeting 9:00am- 9:15am1:00pm-1:15pmGreetings in target language and homework review
1st 9:15am- 1:15pm- Language (Speaking, Writing, and Reading)
2nd10:00am-10:45am2:00pm-2:45pmMath and Science in target language
3rd11:00am-11:45am3:00pm-3:45pmCultural Competence (Arts, Music, and more)
Homework11:45am-12:00pm3:45pm-4:00pmHomework assignment (Help available)


Whole-day :   9am to 3pm

Morning (Chinese/Japanese)
Greeting 9:00am- 9:15amGreetings in target language and homework review
1st 9:15am- Language (Speaking, Writing, and Reading)
2nd10:00am-10:45amMath and Science in target language
3rd11:00am-11:45amCultural Competence (Arts, Music, and more)
Homework11:45am-12:00pmHomework assignment (Help available)
Afternoon (English)
4th12:30pm- 1:15pmSocial study
5th  1:15pm- 1:45pmMath
Special programs  2:00pm- 3:00pmPE, Arts, Music, Computer


Content details

Language Basics (Chinese/Japanese)

  • Use language effectively to express his/her needs and wants and to interact with others.
  • Speak in complete sentences.
  • Ask many questions and look for answers.
  • Enjoy language play, children’s rhymes, songs, and riddles.
  • Practice using words and language learned in school.

Writing and Reading (Chinese/Japanese)

  • Know the basics of writing in Chinese/Japanese.
  • Learn basic words and be able to use the words to make sentences.
  • Recognize, understand, and apply writing concepts.
  • Expand oral language skills and gain meaningful vocabulary for reading.
  • Demonstrate comprehension by responding in different ways when listening to or viewing text of all kinds.


  • Develop basic notions of numbers and use numbers to think about objects and the world around them in Chinese/Japanese.
  • Practice counting objects in sets, and lay the groundwork for addition and subtraction. Patterns and Algebra in Chinese/Japanese.



Please call 425-747-4172 for more infomation.